Virtual info management (VDM) is a software for managing database content. It works by subjecting the virtual databases model as a JDBC drivers. The repository model may be configured for different types of data, such as technological data or perhaps mandatory data. Users may also specify guidelines to control usage of virtual info. Several options that come with VDM set a great choice for data protection and compliance. Here are a couple features that may interest you.

Virtual data layer: These types of technologies allow businesses to centrally deal with and secure information throughout diverse resources. They also improve the performance of business-critical applications. They also be able to create work loads without any technical expertise. Users may also analyze data whenever they require. The vDDM can be used meant for data storage space and analysis, regardless of position. The best thing regarding virtual data management is that it can be used by simply any size organization. vTDM can also support businesses build data-centric architectures.

Integrated DSM: With DLM, the user are able to use multiple solutions on a single platform. DSM can be described as combination of data management, storage and networking. This combination allows the users to use varied tools without having to change infrastructure. Actifio can offer a single Money Copy of Production Data, and build different DSM applications on multiple servers. Moreover, it can support business continuity and analytics tools, and enables users to create multiple DSM applications.


By Sean